Monday, April 6, 2009

One Year Later

One year on....we made our pact on April 6th, 2008 and it's now April 6th, 2009....where are we??

Well the truth is, we haven't made $100k. In fact, we have gone on a very interesting journey and have ended up in a completely different place than I expected when we got started. So why didn't we make it?

Well, there are a few reasons but here is an honest look at the reason we failed to reach this goal (and from here on out I'm going to focus on my own experience as I can't speak for the other members of my team).
-I forgot about the goal. The absolute most important thing about a goal is to be constantly focused on it. I let myself get distracted by the circumstances going on around me.

-My dream was logical and not emotional. I liked to logically think about how to achieve $100k, I could think of several different money making ideas. I even took some action on some of them, but as I said in an earlier post the goal did not thrill me. I didn't feel a rush of emotion when thinking of it. In fact, I couldn't imagine what it would mean to me to have reached the goal. I couldn't SEE IT. And without vision we have nothing.

-I lost clarity. Without inspiration in any particular goal I just knew what I didn't want in life and not what I did. And guess what, I ended up with what I didn't want.

It took a bit of courage to post this because it's always hard to put yourself out there with a big bold statement, and even harder (and more embarrassing) to admit that you didn't achieve what you said you would. But I realized that, that was the point of the blog. This was supposed to be an honest look at the emotions, decisions, and changes that happen to you on a journey like the one I am on. And I am still on the journey.

So...what's changed? Where am I going to be a year from now? Well, for one...(our biggest change in circumstance)...I'm going to be a mother! My little one is due in August and when I leave my job for maternity leave I won't be going back. The change to abundance will happen now because it has to happen now. My back is against the wall and NOW is the time for me to take control of my life. NOW is the time for me to live my life on purpose.

It's rather exciting to look at the future and see it coming together. Know that I will not quit, and if I don't quit I can't fail. I'm even stronger for having had this year of expanding possibilities...and ready to go forward on the thrilling journey that will be this new year of Absolute Abundance................

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