Friday, July 4, 2008

We Learn to Resonate with the Future

Well......I have not posted on this blog in a very long time. Not that I didn't try. Not that I was bored with it or ignoring it.....something just wasn't right. Judging by the amount of drafts in my posts section, I just couldn't get "in the flow".

If you're someone else who writes you probably understand this. I'm in the flow when I feel what I'm writing matters, what I'm writing might mean something to someone and might inspire someone to want to go out and improve their lives. It had to feel important enough to want to get it right, and frankly, some of the attempts to post were just not right. So I didn't post them, and I waited. I waited for the grand inspiration to write a post, the a-ha moment, the nugget of info in all that I'm learning about myself and the universe that might be helpful or even interesting for someone to read...but it never came. I had several big inspiring moments and changes in my thinking, but I could never quite find a way to write about them. I had stopped thinking in blog posts and my experiences were just not translating to the blog.

And slowly, but surely, the reason snuck up on me. I only had little hints at the start...I started to realize that I was thinking bigger and faster than $100k and 1 year. I started to feel that now that we were in the same place Susan and Mike and I were all becoming more expansive, more excited, and more open to what we all knew was coming to us. As we all dived in head first we realized that the business we are in is about goals that are unreasonable, it is about achieving the seemingly impossible, and our thoughts, goals, and feelings all set us on a path to a much larger goal than $100k in 1 year.

The ultimate answer came when I sat down with Susan and she asked me why I hadn't written in my blog as she used to really enjoy reading it. My answer, and it came to me in a flash was, "I would be embarrassed if anyone from our team in the business found my blog and saw that we were only trying to make $100K in 1 year."

This shocked me. I hadn't realized that I felt it until I said it. As a life coach I had been trained always to have specific goals, always to make them believable, and always to put a time frame on them. But I realized as we talked that $100k in 1 year was actually a limiting goal. My thinking had far outstretched that goal and I couldn't write in the blog because I no longer believed in what it stood for.

So as of today, July 4th, Independence Day, the goal has changed. The new goal....and this breaks all the rules in to achieve total financial freedom by April 6th, 2009. This year is going to be the start of an absolute flow of abundance for us and we wont limit what's possible by putting a number on it. We will allow ourselves to think bigger and bigger as we grow and resonate with the opportunity that presented itself to us just three month ago, and the other opportunities that will appear along our path. Along the way we will each have smaller goals to help us stay focused and give us a chance to celebrate how much we are changing and creating the lives we've always dreamed of.

My first goal: To make $20,ooo in the month of July. :)

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