Sunday, May 11, 2008

I let the energy flow!

An interesting thing has been happening to me lately. I've been spending very little time this week working on my fact, I find when I do sit down to work on my business I very often don't know what to do. It's not all laid out in a blueprint somewhere (even though I think many of us would like it to be and LOADS of internet marketers try to sell us a blueprint), we each have to decide what activities are going to bring in abundance. Now, more and more lately I've been feeling that the most important activity is feeling good. The better you feel about where you are, the easier it is to get where you want to be. It's very important to remember that when you are working with energy to magnetize whatever it is you want, you also have to allow it to come in to you. A big part of the allowing, is letting go of the need for whatever it is you want. When you need it, it's always going to be just out of reach. Funny enough this is also a phenomenon I used to talk about with other girls in back high school days, when you really wanted a boyfriend there was absolutely no one interesting (or interested) around....but as soon as you were really happy to just be independent they were all knocking down the door! I don't think we would have seen this as "Law of Attraction" back then, but it was very frustrating :)

So....sometimes I go online to work and can't think of a single useful thing to do. Instead I simply roam around looking at blogs or emails, etc. and I'm finding more and more that I'm really attracting everything I need to an easy place to find it....namely, my email inbox. I spoke last time about how solutions pop-up in unexpected places on the internet, but since writing that it's become astonishingly regular. I have been preparing for an upcoming teleseminar that I will be putting on, and I was trying to figure out what is the best service to use, how to record the call, whether to have it on the phone or as a webcast, etc. I wasn't having much luck searching on the internet for a service that suited me, so I just forgot about it for awhile...and then I got an email from someone whose teleseminars I've very much enjoyed, introducing me to a great service that does everything all in the one program. It basically solved all my questions and needs in one service, and it only appeared as soon as I forgot that I needed it!

Also earlier in the week I wanted to figure out how to get a feed subscription button onto my blog (look to your left!) and an email popped up in my inbox the next day with a video not only showing me how to do this, but also showing me how to set up a reader so I could keep up to date on other blogs on the internet. I thought, ok...I'll give this a go...and put in the reader as a test Steve Pavlina's blog. Now, I love Steve's blog and have been reading it for years, but I ALWAYS read the archives and follow links for whatever topic I might be interested in, I never read the most recent posts on the blog. But by viewing his blog in the reader I only saw the most recent post about how to be a man. It seemed interesting, and turned out to be a very thought provoking article mostly on being a man who lives consciously and from the heart, while still expressing his masculinity. However, I did find myself thinking by the end of the article that it would probably be very different if it had been written by a woman, or even about women, so it was most interesting to me that at the bottom of the article Steve set a challenge for someone else to write an article on how to be a woman, the prize being a permanent link to your article from his page. Now, I LOVE a good challenge, and it would be fabulous to have a link from such a well established personal development blog ( of the questions I've been asking myself lately is where I can find more readers for my blog...told you the internet solves all your problems!) The funny thing is, if I hadn't have happened to check my emails and set up a reader I would have only found this article when it was well past the cut-off point to submit for the challenge. Again, I was in the right part of the internet at the right time. Stay tuned for my article on how to be a woman...coming soon....!

So my lesson on the internet and Law of Attraction....check your emails!!!!!!!! :)

I have been working with my energy more than on my business this week, and it's really paid off. Sometimes action, even though you feel it is getting you somewhere is taking you away from what you want. If you are searching for solutions you can become lost in a sea of answers and not know which path to take. My solution to this problem is simply to put forward your questions and wants (What do you need to get you where you want to be?) put your intentions out there, then wait until the right path presents itself to you. Sometimes pushing forward too quickly puts you on the wrong path and you get stuck amongst obstacles and confusion.

If you are choosing between doing two things which one will you enjoy more? Which will give you more joy and contentment? Which one feels more 'you'? I've been spending more time this week up a hill amongst flowers looking over the sea, or on the beach watching men battle the waves with a big fishnet, or catching up on the tv shows I've missed the last couple weeks, then actually working on my business....and this week I've:

-Set up a fantastic JV partnership with someone I've been wanting to work with for a long time, who really wants to help me succeed
-Found a software that solves all the problems I've been worried about for one of my bigger internet projects
-Found a great writing challenge which will be loads of fun for me to work on, and might help me to get more readers to this blog!
-Found a friend who wants to take over my lease so I can leave some of the big furniture here and moving wont be such a big ordeal (ok, not business related...but a huge win for me!)
-Enjoyed myself!!

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