Sunday, May 4, 2008

We get excited...and overwhelmed!

Well, we are both at a stage where we don't really sleep at night from excitement about everything we are working on. Susan is really living and breathing this stuff. I get floods of emails everyday from her about new ideas and new leads and new resources. It's actually pretty great because I'm realizing that everything we need is out there. Some of the stumbling blocks that I've been really worried about have simply been falling away. I think this is really Law of Attraction at its best. We have our sites set firmly on what we want...and we both feel so great about things that anything that could become a problem just sort of drifts away.

I've been most nervous about ringing my landlord and telling him that we are moving out. I just wanted it to go well and the house is not perfectly clean yet, and I was really nervous that he'd want to come straight over to assess everything. So I kept putting it off, and then this morning just felt like it was the right time to let him know. And sure enough he was lovely about it. He's very sad we're leaving and said he didn't need to come over until nearer the time and then it would be whenever suited us. He also let me know that we had paid rent in advance at the start and so we don't actually have to pay any rent this month!! It felt so great. Not only did everything go better than expected with his reaction, but we also saved a big chunk of money we were not expecting to have.

One thing I've been discovering about the internet is that it really is the ultimate vehicle for attraction. We have cocreated the internet as a way to manifest what we want quickly and easily, and boy does it work. I've just been noticing that whenever I think I need something it just appears in front of me, not always through looking for it either. For example, since starting to write this blog I've been reminded how much I LOVE writing. It was always my thing and when I was growing up I was always trying to write books. I was convinced I was going to write a great children's book. Well, I still think that one day I will write a children's book, but for now I've been reminded that I just love writing. It's a natural and easy way to express myself. So, the other day I went on my team's site for the online business I've been working on. I do this several times a day, so I was really surprised that instead of my usual resource page I was faced with a page that had a big title saying "Opportunity for writers". They were looking for writing samples from team members as they are supposed to contribute a chapter to an upcoming book. By the next evening my writing sample was sent off and is now in review. The point is....I didn't have to look for an opportunity, it came right to me! I still may not be selected for the chapter as I am still fairly new to the team, but it really got me excited about writing again, and I'm planning on writing some articles to put out into the internet ether.

The other thing that is amazing me about the internet is how easy it is to find anything you need. You've probably heard the phrase "Any problem can be solved with either time or money". I don't really agree with that anymore, I think it's more like "Any problem can be solved with a well phrased Google search!" There are so many free resources and so much free information, it's really astounding. I'm actually frankly starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information and opportunities I now have available to me. The only problem now is having too many solutions and not knowing which one to use. So know I'm working on using my inner guidance system.

I've been reading a book called Creating Money, which is completely changing the way I think about myself and the things I want to have. It really helped me because it looks at manifesting and attracting things from a slightly different perspective then all the Law of Attraction experts out there at the moment. I've put a link on the left hand side of the page in the recommended reading section if you want to read more about the book. Anyway, this book talks about using your inner guidance system to connect with the opportunities that your higher self is lining you up with, to get the things you want. So I'm trying to pay attention to my thoughts and notice when an unusual thought or a very strongly charged thought pops into my head, and then act upon that thought or feeling. Like this morning when I just felt it was the right time to call the landlord. So I'm trying to use these thoughts and feelings to navigate my way through all the information and opportunities in front of me.

Another example is that this week I suddenly felt very strongly that I had to email my friend in England (who I haven't talked to in months) and let him know all that was going on for me. So I sent him a long heartfelt email about what I've been doing with myself. He emailed me back to tell me that he was going to be in Dublin next week and he wanted to meet to discuss some things that he thought I would find very helpful. As he is an amazing internet marketer it's a great opportunity for me to learn and I wouldn't have had this if I hadn't followed my instincts and emailed him when I did. I'm fairly sure he wont be back in Dublin again before I move. And who knows...he would make a great Joint Venture partner in the future!

For those of you who want some more specifics about what we are doing with our time to work on our businesses here's what I've been focusing on this week...

I made a Google Adwords campaign, which I've been trying to tweek, but I realized that most of my leads are actually coming through ads from the content network instead of the searches.
I got a copy of Frontpage and am working on creating an opt-in page so I can start a newsletter within our niche. (Another great opportunity for me to write, and reach more people!)
We are working on learning more about the systems we have available to help with our business.
Mike and I are spending a lot of time at a spot on Killiney Hill where you can see out over the bay and are surrounded in beautiful yellow flowers. It's a great way to start the day...if we spend about an hour up there we come back ready to attack the day!

I've been taking some time to relax and catch up on the tv shows that are just now coming back after the writers strike! It's good to remember the things I enjoy and why I'm doing all this in the first place.

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