Friday, April 25, 2008

We get our first team member!

When things start going...they really start going.

Today we signed up our first new member to our team. This is not a sale for our business, but rather bringing someone in to the team to work with and help train while we are both learning ourselves. It's really exciting because Susan and I really were able to collaborate and attract the type of person that we love to work with. The internet marketing that I set up in the middle of the night the other day was what brought us the lead, and Susan following up with her helped get her signed up. It's so cool when things just click into place like that. I guess though this is really a great manifestation of our dreams at the moment. We've got to just start with a simple step.

I spent all day yesterday just working on our business and cleaning the house in preparation for packing it...although it seems a bit pointless as we're going to have a party on Saturday so I'll just be re-cleaning on Sunday! But the great thing was I've gone through all my wardrobes and have four big crates of things to give away to a charity shop. This is really cleansing, and when I was going through things I simply said to myself....after I return from California with a fantastic internet business that is giving me the abundance I deserve, will I really want this extra long sleeve that I hate and only keep in case I someday need it??

It's really exciting when you can start to look at your life from a different perspective and start making decisions based on what you would do if you had already achieved your dreams. There's a wonderful sense of letting go...and the possibilities are endless....

I have been watching Matt Bacak's promoting tips seminar videos and one thing he said really stood out for me. He was saying that sometimes when you have a big goal it's so big that you almost find it too hard to believe in and it just seems a bit daunting. So he said it's good to go for a smaller amount and work up. Like start with making $10 online, then you've done that and you know it's easy, you can say, Right now I just have to do that 10 more times and I've hit $100. And work your way up from there. That makes a lot of sense for me. I think I'd be a lot like Matt and run around the house screaming with joy just if I made $0.01 from Adsense ads. My goals and my dreams and my energy and my subconscious are going for the big amount...but the little part of my brain that likes to worry and set up stumbling blocks in my path is simply going to go for making my first ten bucks online!

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