Thursday, April 24, 2008

We make a big decision!

So, you all might have thought from the first post that I am a slow starter. Well, I think this next bit will surprise you.

We've made a big decision.

I'll tell you what it is in a minute. But here's a little more insight into what has happened so far. I've been studying internet marketing, google, articles, lead generation, etc...I've only been really studying this since the start of the month, but again due to having no time available I really haven't been able to apply any of it.

We found an internet business opportunity that we loved and the team we get to work with are all like minded, and lovely people...and I've been absolutely dying to get going and market it. But as you may have already read, it's been about three weeks and we've only generated one lead (well, two as of today!) I know we're going to need a whole lot more leads and a whole lot more focus to really get this going. I want to do this the right way and attract people that I want to work with, so I'm constantly thinking about where I can find those people and what I can produce to help them find me. I want to find people who are interested in the same things I am, achieving abundance, Law of Attraction, and helping others. I'm already so grateful to have found a business that fits all those interests for me, but I really want to be able to throw myself wholeheartedly into it...And I realized that, that will not happen while I am working for *Big name coffee company*, or as my boyfriend (Mike) so politely puts it I'm at a crossroads and I wont be able to move forward with attracting the things I want in my life while *big name coffee company* "owns one of my bum-cheeks"!

Mike has also been studying Law of Attraction and metaphysics since I told him about our big goal....let's just say he really gets this stuff. He loves to point out when I'm thinking in a negative way or worrying (one of my favorite Abraham Hicks quotes goes something like: Worrying is just inventing things to feel bad about). Annoying as it is he really is right. Somehow work and being in Ireland has been really making me feel like I can't be myself lately. Mike was telling me about the power of people all sharing one thought and focus and how great it would be if he, Susan, and I could all be in the same place manifesting abundance together. for the big decision. I've handed in my notice, we're packing up the house, and on June 10th Mike and I are moving to California for three months to live at Susan's house and create our abundance from the same place.

It's very exciting and a little bit scary, but I really believe that we can't move forward until we make a big change in our lives. It's not just the physical change, but the mental commitment to what we are working to achieve that will make a huge difference in our success....and I can't wait to get over there!!

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